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PICK YOUR POISON, in one of 3 fatal flavors
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How to update to a new version

When you got Goscurry, the Humble Store sent you a mail with the download link. When you want to update to a newer version, just redownload from the same link and reinstall.

Desktop version VS Alpha Web Player

  • More songs
  • Goscurry travels! Every 300 distance units the city below you will run away and a new and peculiar one will appear. Will you be able to reach the end - whatever that might mean?
  • Each city you reach also grants you a specific trophy - collect them all and something will happen
  • Freak and Paranoid modes
  • 5 new unlockable ships
  • Unlock the PSYCHO ship to make everything more difficult and more rewarding
  • Achievements
  • See your itinerary's map at the end of each run
  • Massive performance improvements
  • Much more stable
  • Tons of tweaks, optimizations and graphic changes
  • Speed bar! Speed starts increasing after 500 distance units
  • You can boost to go faster and gain more points
  • Revamped TRAINING and HARD modes, and a better PRO one
  • Turns are a little more forgiving, and you can turn slightly earlier (or later)
  • You can play with a gamepad
  • More avatars
  • Steeper and higher difficulty curve
  • Different score calculation, bonuses, and leaderboard
  • Customizable controls, and volume, and resolution
  • Fixed all webplayer bugs